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Mining & Industrial Cleaning Products

Daly Laboratories manufactures a range of premium cleaning products for the mining and industrial sectors under the Quest Mining and Industrial Solutions division.

The Quest range of mining and industrial cleaning products has been designed specifically for Australian industry.  All our industrial cleaning products meet the strict regulatory requirements faced by the mining and engineering industries.

If you're looking for biodegradable cleaning products, quick break degreasers, petroleum free hand cleaners and other mining and industrial cleaning chemicals that actually work, try Quest.  Our mining and industrial cleaning chemicals are designed to provide superior performance at a realistic price.

The Quest range of mining and industrial cleaning products is listed below.  If what you need is not on the list, ask us about a custom solution to your problem.

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ALU-BRITE Aluminum cleaner and brightener
CITRASOL Heavy duty citrus handcleaner with polygrains
CRYSDAL Spray and wipe windscreen cleaner
CRYSDAL CONC Windscreen washer additive
DEGREASOL Solvent degreaser
DEXAPON Heavy duty handcleaner for sensitive skin
GREASE STRIP Heavy duty detergent powder for floors, tiles & metal items
LANOLUBE LD Lanolin based metal lubricant and protectant (light)
LANOLUBE MD Lanolin based metal lubricant and protectant (medium)
MIRROR FINISH Stainless steel cleaner and polish
HOSE LUBE Hose pump lubricant and coolant
POWERSOLVE Quickbreak water soluble degreaser
POWERWASH Parts cleaning detergent powder
RADIATOR COOL Radiator coolant concentrate
SOFTWASH Gentle hand cleaner
TRUCKWASH Heavy duty machinery detergent
TYRESEAL EM Tyre sealant and rim anticorrosion agent
VINYLGUARD Vinyl cleaner and polish with UV absorbers
BIOSOLVE Enzyme degreaser

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