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Marine Cleaning Chemicals

Quest Marine is a specialty marine cleaning product and salt removal solution  division of Daly Laboratories. Not all marine cleaning chemicals are created equal. By using the latest technology in organic chemistry, Quest Marine provides marine cleaning chemicals that are light years ahead of the competition.

The single biggest advance in marine cleaning chemicals in Australia in the 21st century is the development of the amazing new Salt ElimŽ - a salt removal boat wash and salt rinse chemical. We've all seen the damage that salt can cause to metal and painted surfaces, especially in the marine environment. Salt becomes chemically bonded to surfaces leading to corrosion and paint failure. Salt ElimŽ salt removal chemical uses a unique organic binding process to chemically strip and bind sea salts, rendering the salt harmless and allowing them to be easily rinsed away. Follow the link for more detail on
Salt ElimŽ salt removal chemical.

Quest Marine manufactures a small range of specialty marine cleaning chemicals for the marine industry. Our marine cleaning chemicals are significantly different from the types of generic cleaning chemicals often marketed for marine cleaning use. You only have to try our marine cleaning chemicals once to know that Quest Marine cleaning chemicals are a cut above the rest.

The Quest Marine range of marine cleaning chemicals is listed below. Follow the links for a full description.

Quest Marine Products, including the famous Salt ElimŽ salt removal chemical will be in stores in early 2004. Stay tuned for more news about this fantastic range of innovative marine cleaning chemicals.


  • Salt ElimŽ Boatwash salt eliminating detergent
  • Salt ElimŽ Concentrate salt eliminating soak solution
  • Spray Chamois spray on rinse aid - eliminates water spots!
  • Bottom Line bilge cleaner
  • Bosun's Hand Cleaner
  • Fish 'n' Baitbox icebox cleaner and sanitiser
  • Teak Brite teak brightener and rejuvenator
  • Brite Shine stainless steel cleaner and polish
  • Stern transom cleaner

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