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Salt Elim is Australia's original and best salt eliminating rinse and detergent for combating the harmful effects of salt on your boat, car, personal water craft or any other equipment that comes in contact with salt water.

We’ve all seen the damage caused by salt – corrosion of metal components and degradation of paint and fibreglass surfaces.  What you may not know is that it’s not the salt that you can see, and therefore rinse off your equipment, that does the damage.  Salt becomes chemically attached to surfaces at the microscopic level, and no amount of washing or scrubbing will remove it.  So when you rinse your equipment after use, you leave behind bonded salts that immediately start damaging your investment.  What’s the answer?  Salt Elim®!

Salt Elim® is an amazing formulation that chemically binds the microscopic salts that cause corrosion, allowing them to be rinsed away and leaving the surface salt-free.


Independent tests confirm – Salt Elim® destroys salt!

Polished steel coupons were soaked in concentrated salt water for 16 hours then rinsed with either Salt Elim®, a leading overseas salt removal brand or water.  The chart to the right shows that Salt Elim® removes significantly more salt than the other products due to its unique, high tech formulation.


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Ask Ron!

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"Salt Elim® is my choice for maintaining Weapon in pristine condition from stem to stern.  No other product provides the results that I demand.  Salt Elim® is my weapon against salt."


Ron Agland, owner of luxury game fishing boat "Weapon"

Salt Elim® Products


Salt Elim® Concentrate

Salt Elim® Concentrate is a rinse and soak solution for treating fishing tackle, reels, mechanical parts and salt water cooled marine motors.  The concentrated formula breaks down the heaviest salt encrustations to get to the surface bonded salts underneath.  Salt Elim® Concentrate will also remove surface rust, leaving a shiny surface that can be protected from further damage with an appropriate polish, and contains chemical rust inhibitors to help prevent corrosion.



Salt Elim® Boatwash

Salt Elim® Boatwash is a heavy duty detergent augmented with the salt binding chemicals found in Salt Elim® Concentrate that offers the perfect combination of cleaning power and salt elimination.  Salt Elim® Boatwash is a one step solution for owners of powerboats, yachts, personal water craft, diving gear, 4 Wheel Drives and even waterfront homes and cars.  Simply spray Salt Elim® Boatwash onto your equipment, allow to soak and rinse off.  Salt Elim® Boatwash leaves a shining, streak-free surface free of harmful salts.  Salt Elim® Boatwash works on fibreglass, aluminium, paint, plastic, stainless steel and clearview screens.


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