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From 500 mL shampoo bottles to 20,000 L tankers, Daly Laboratories can service your contract packaging and liquid filling needs with ease.

Our production facilities include a state of the art automated liquid filling line, capable of filling 0.25 to 5 L bottles at high outputs to suit your production schedules. Higher liquid filling production rates mean lower costs, and automation means precise liquid filling, all day, every day, with no human error from fatigue or loss of concentration.

Daly Laboratories can offer a wide range of contract packaging and liquid filling options to suit all your requirements. Our premises offer features such as easy drive-in access for road tankers, tanker filling and storage facilities and the ability to customise production runs to meet all of your contract packaging needs.

Often our contract packaging and liquid filling clients need their products manufactured and stored for a period of time before being distributed. Daly Laboratories can offer a range of competitively priced chemical storage options, including Dangerous Goods storage, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual contract packaging and liquid filling needs.





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